Management Courses

M01     New Labour Laws for HR Managers

M02     Effective Industrial Relations for HR Managers

M03     Effective Public Relations for PR Managers

M04     Advanced Leadership and Management Skills for Senior Managers

M05     Legal and Credit Regulations for Banks, MFIs & Sacco Societies

M06     Insurance Credit and Risk Analysis

M07     Finance for Non-Finance Manager

M08     Project Monitoring and Evaluation

M09     Records and Archive Management

M10     Advanced Financial Risk Analysis

M11     Advanced Leadership and Management Skills for HR Professionals

M12     Debt Collection and Management

M13     Talent Management and Succession Planning

M14     Strategic Planning and Management Control

M15     Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Credit Operations for DT-Sacco Societies

M16     Product Development, Advertisement and Marketing

M17     Corporate Culture Development and Improvement

M18     Pre-Retirement

M19     Delinquency Management for Banks, MFIs & Sacco Societies

M20     Credit Banking Operations

M21     Effective Office Administration & Management Skills

M22     Financial Regulations in Kenya

M23     Effective Budgeting and Operational Cost Control

M24     Leadership and Supervisory Skills

M25       Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire Safety

Technical Skills Courses

T01       Basic Preventive Predictive Maintenance (PPdM I)

T02       Advanced Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PPdM II)

T03       Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

T04       Basic Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance

T05       Troubleshooting Techniques for Electrical and Mechanical Machinery and Equipment

T06       Energy Management and Audit

T07       Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

T08       Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety

T09       Basic PLC & SCADA Systems

T10       Advanced PLC & SCADA Systems

T11       Calibration of Measurement Instrument

T12       Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

T13       Advanced Pump and Compressor Operation and Maintenance

T14       Generator Maintenance and Troubleshooting

T15       Line Efficiency

T16       Energy Management

T17       Incinerator Operation Maintenance & Safety

T18       Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring

T19       Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

T20       Forklift Operation and Safety

T21       Project Management for Engineers

T22       Property/Facility Asset Management

T23       Motor and Transformer Rewinding

T24       Advanced Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance

T25       Waste Water Management

T26       Facility Management

T27       Solar – Thermo & Photo Voltaic

T30       Basic Plumbing

T31       Advanced Plumbing

T32       Welding and Fabrication

T33       Automotive Electrical

T34       Automotive Mechanical

T35       Industrial Instrumentation and Controls

ICT Skills Courses

I01        Network Infrastructure and Database Security

I02        Windows Server 2008 Network Configuration

I03        Project Management in IT

I04        System Administration and Management

I05        Windows Server 2012

I06        SharePoint

I07        ICT Skills for Non-ICT Managers

I08        Information Protection and Database Security Strategy

I09        Linux Networking and Administration

I10        Cyber Security

I11        Emerging Technologies in Business Transformation

I12        Integrated Technologies for Cultural Heritage

Specialized Courses

S01       Ethics and Integrity in Professional Practice

S02       Corporate Governance

S03       Security and Counter Terrorism

S04       Gender and Disability Mainstreaming at Work Place

S05       Administrative, Protocol and Etiquette

S06       Team Building and Motivational Event

S07       Peer Review Mechanism in Africa

S08       Technical Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting for Engineers

S09       Sustainable and Renewable Energy – Wind/Solar/Biomass/Geothermal

S10       Business Impact Analysis

S11       Diversity and Inclusion in Management

S12       Institutional Re-engineering and Change Management

S13       Risk Management and Disaster Recovery