About us.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic corporate environment, it is imperative for professionals to continuously acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies in order to remain relevant in their practice and in order to meet growing expectations for high quality service and accountability. 

Africa Centre for Corporate Studies is an organization that strives to achieve excellence and high performance standards in Organizations, Corporations, Institutions, County Governments and General Public through Training, Education and Capacity Building.

The Centre was established with a view to promote excellence in performance of actors at every level in organizations and institutions of every sector and industry. The Centre also concerns itself with any social, economic, political or cultural phenomenon affecting the general society at any given time, through appropriate medium and forum of exchange.

 Our Belief

As an organization, we understand that professionals are human beings with desire to achieve self-actualization and transcendence needs in life. Everybody therefore is gifted with something special. God gives everybody not only the ability but also the opportunity to realize their dreams and fulfill their desires. The need is to realize, recognize and utilize the unlimited potential lying within oneself.


Africa Centre for Corporate Studies is accredited by the National Industrial Authority(NITA) as a training service Provider under number: NITA|TRN|924


To be a leading organization in promoting excellent professional practices for economic independence and social transformation of Africa.

Core Values
Core Belief

Key Objectives

In our endeavour to offer and deliver services and solutions, Africa Centre for Corporate Studies strives to achieve the following fundamental objectives:

  1. Promoting Efficient, Effective, Excellentand Sustainable corporations that contribute to the welfare of society by creating wealth, employment and solutions to emerging challenges.
  2. Promoting the implementation of excellent professional performance principles and practices in corporations, organizations, institutions and Local Authorities in Africa.
  3. Empowering corporates by enriching them with advanced knowledge and skills in enabling them realize highest performance and development in their career.
  4. Improving performance of corporates by systematically updating practitioner’s knowledge and skills, and developing personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties including acquisition of new roles and responsibilities. 
  5. Creating a means on which corporates can realize career growth, development and achieve self-actualization, physiological and transcendence needs. 
  6. Creating awareness and sensitization to both the corporates and the public on the need for excellent performance of corporations and institutions.
  7. Facilitating the development and implementation of appropriate educational, training and development programmes aimed at enhancing professional performance.
  8. Collaborating with organizations in Africa with similar aims and objectives to advance the cause of Excellent Corporate Performance.
  9. Promoting Professional Development, Instructional Support and adoption of career values and ethics in professionals at every level of organizational or institutional hierarchy.
  10. Partnering with clients in developing  operational and leadership roles through effective training of personnel.