ACCS School of Business Studies, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Design

In the heart of Mukuru Kwa Njenga Informal Settlement in Embakasi-South Sub-County in Nairobi, the Centre seeks to offer modern state of the art learning experience targeting low income school leavers and dwellers at an affordable easy-to-pay plan for Business Studies, Information Technology (Computer Studies), Fashion and Design, Entrepreneurship Development and Management Skills.

The easy tuition pay plan dubbed Pay-Per-Session is geared towards making it achievable for learners to create a balance between learning and other daily income demands.

The Pay-Per-Session plan targets to eliminate idleness among the majority potential youthful population that would in turn find themselves engaging in drug use, immorality or/and criminal activities, and empower them with relevant skills and knowledge for self sustainability as well as labor market competitiveness

The Pay-Per-Session plan involve a one-off registration fee of Ksh. 500 with Ksh. 100 per daily two hour learning session.


Youth Entrepreneurial Awareness

  • Organizing and convening Youth Entrepreneurial Awareness training forums 
  • Collectively helping address the unemployment problem among the youth, creating wealth for self-sustainability, by providing them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, training in self-employment job oriented skills, and access to resources and linkages needed to realize their potential as young social and economic entrepreneurs. 
  • Instilling and enhancing both Management and Technical Skills in the youth who have the energy and willingness but lack basic knowledge and/or skills to economically develop and empower themselves.
  • Enabling the youth form self-help groups that would enable them access Government Funding through Youth and Women Enterprise Funding.